Sexism in Videogames and Digital Bums

For one reason and another I've been looking into videogame sexism lately and it will come as no surprise that I didn't like what I found. I've been waggling joysticks since the 1970s and games were treating women like crap back in that misogynistic decade (when they referenced them at all) and they still do today. Sometimes it's as simple … Continue reading Sexism in Videogames and Digital Bums

Bring back… Thanatos

Pile some banana skins into your Mr Fusion and fire up the Flux Capacitor as I delve back into the annals of videogame history for a teary-eyed look at a fire-breathing classic on the Sinclair Spectrum. Thanatos (1985) Depending on your age, the early days of 8-bit gaming will either fill you with fond nostalgia … Continue reading Bring back… Thanatos