About InvertMouse

I used to write about games for a living, and when I left I wanted to carry on… on my terms. But that was then and now I know there are far more important things in life than Lara Croft’s bra size or Sonic’s choice of trainers. So this blog is going to draw in more than games and wander into my other passions – mostly geeky – and the things I love, such as being a parent, a husband and a friend. I might talk about England, Britain or the UK (where I was born and raised and feel very proud of – but, not in a right wing skinhead kind of way) and I might talk about other things that skitter across my frontal lobe. Who knows. As we progress, I suspect the content will be shaped by the readers (or lack thereof), so in 10 years time this might be a One Direction fan site, if I’m really unlucky.

The term ‘Invert Mouse’ comes from my passion for gaming and my veteran status in that realm. Gamers of a certain age, grew up playing flight/space simulations on their computers. With joystick in hand, they pushed forward to dive and back to climb, like a real plane. Around the late 80s, the gamepad came along and that changed, it felt odd for new players to push ‘up’ to go ‘down’, so a new ‘inverted’ control scheme was added (up means up). As those gamers grew and new gamers came along, that ‘inverted’ scheme became the default setting, and ‘down-for-up’ was relegated to being the ‘goofy’ option. But, my brain is hardwired into the flight sim hand-eye relationship, and I can’t break it. So now the first thing I do with every new game is go to the ‘Options’ screen and click “Invert X Axis” or more commonly on the PC it simply says “Invert Mouse?”.

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