Creatively avoiding sharing my creative writing

I’ve been writing fiction for years. Short stories at school, assignments at Uni, roleplaying adventures, and in the past decade or so, actual booky type stuff. But very few people have seen my output. In fact, probably only my wife.

I tell myself it’s because it isn’t ready, or that if I put them out there some shadowy corporation would steal the ideas and therefore, my future, but those are only part of the reason. The main part, as you may have guessed, is that I’m worried it’s shit.

So, in an effort to be more open to failure (and therefore, success), I’ve decided to share some of my work here. It isn’t ready, and I am worried the ideas will be stolen (please don’t) and I am extremely terrified you’ll tell me it’s shit. But fuck it. Let’s do it and see what happens. If it is terrible, I can get back to more constructive pursuits like cross-stitch and self-loathing.

I’ll start by sharing some opening bits from a not-very-short story I wrote a while back, called… well, it doesn’t have a title yet. The working title was ‘Militia Dick’, but that was purposefully crap, in case those corporate spies were looking over my shoulder as I typed on the train. Maybe we can come up with a title together, unless, you know, it sucks arse.

Look out for part one shortly…

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