Her… indoors

I watched Spike Jonze’s latest last night and rather glad I did. If you don’t know the premise, in the near future, a lonely dreamer Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) falls in love with his new AI operating system, Sam (voiced by Scarlett Johansson) and hilarity ensues. Well, maybe not ‘hilarity’, but certainly some gentle events happen and the characters react to that and progress in a linear fashion.

I shouldn’t mock, because I did enjoy the film, but it is slowly paced and wafty in its plotting. It’s well acted and naturally scripted, but all the characters gently float through the story in the same direction, never once setting themselves up in conflict or opposition to the main plot. In this buttoned-down, hipster future, only Theo’s ex-wife seems weirded out by his cyber-sexual relationship with a Windows XP replacement. And even then, she isn’t that weirded out. Maybe in the future, cracking one out with a glorified Speak and Spell will be the new ‘sexting’.

“Now… spell… ‘jism’…”


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