But now I’m back… from outer space.

Hello dear reader,

I’ve been away for a while, and I would love to say that was because I was defending the rainforest or inseminating Pandas in Tibet (artificially, of course), but I haven’t. I’ve just been busy. Busy with life. Busy with work. Busy with losing my confidence as a writer. Busy being ground down by the millstone that is existence. But enough about me, how are you? Hope you’re well. How are the kids/parents/goldfish/dungeon prisoners? Great. Good. You’re looking well/fat/thin/toned/alive/sane, have you lost weight/height/points on your license? Great to see you back here.

Regular readers (i.e. nobody) will be familiar with my ‘main’ InvertMouse site and the wonderful game reviews that I never had the time/will/energy to put there. Well, I finally killed that off a while back, as it’s lack of use was getting a little embarrassing. Sorry, but such is life.

So now, I’ll be using this lovely WordPress site as my main outlet. And it won’t just be about games any more. I’ll broaden my scope, increase my palette and switch my hose to ‘mist’ – all in the hope that I’ll write more and (hopefully) entertain more. You have been warned.

By the way, this surge of activity has been prompted by an adrenalin-shot-to-the-sternum I like to call Tom. He has a blog too, and unlike me actually writes stuff on it. Also unlike me, he can do martial arts and fire ping pong balls from his-


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